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*nods* That leave delivering a better quality product to the rest of us. 

Ya know, peered well with whatever other networks may exist. :-) 

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On 12/25/20 23:04, Michael Thomas wrote: 

> I mean, i understand the arm's race, but now it seems to be an arms 
> race for its own sake. 

It is, because it is hard to be different when all you know is to sell 

The next level of differentiation is being a fibre provider, and selling 
large amounts of bandwidth for less, and less, and less. 

It's a total lack of creativity in the infrastructure space, where the 
only goal is to maintain customers on the books. 

One of the mobile operators in South Africa, just last week, launched 
new data bundles for customers below a certain age. I mean, how many 
ways can you slice the selling of data because you can't be creative in 
other ways? 


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