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Jared Geiger jared at compuwizz.net
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Are there 1G home routers that can do fq_codel in hardware versus the
general purpose CPU on the device? The only devices that I have that will
do a full 1G with it have active cooling fans.

It seems manufacturers need to meet that goal before we ask for 10G CPEs.


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> *nods* That leave delivering a better quality product to the rest of us.
> Ya know, peered well with whatever other networks may exist.  :-)
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> > I mean, i understand the arm's race, but now it seems to be an arms
> > race for its own sake.
> It is, because it is hard to be different when all you know is to sell
> bandwidth.
> The next level of differentiation is being a fibre provider, and selling
> large amounts of bandwidth for less, and less, and less.
> It's a total lack of creativity in the infrastructure space, where the
> only goal is to maintain customers on the books.
> One of the mobile operators in South Africa, just last week, launched
> new data bundles for customers below a certain age. I mean, how many
> ways can you slice the selling of data because you can't be creative in
> other ways?
> Mark.
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