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Tue Jan 31 22:27:51 UTC 2023

Access to the right-of-way in most areas is granted through a CATV 
Franchise agreement with your municipality.  This agreement will include 
a contact for disputes.  As another avenue, contact the local government 
and ask them to deal with the safety issue in the public right of way 
and let them escalate with their contacts.

On 1/31/23 15:33, Gabriel Kuri via NANOG wrote:
> Could someone from Spectrum who deals with the HFC infrastructure in 
> Southern California, specifically the legacy Time Warner Cable area, 
> contact me off list ?
> Apparently the local infrastructure crew thinks it's OK to leave cable 
> running between two cans in a residential neighborhood since at least 
> July 2022. But it's OK, because they've cautioned them off with orange 
> cones, right ?
> Multiple calls to regular customer service fall on deaf ears about a 
> coax trunk cable run above ground on a street and sidewalk in the 
> middle of a residential neighborhood.
> Customer service says, "We don't know what you're talking about, we 
> don't have cables running on the street". Can't seem to get a hold of 
> the right people to come out and get it buried and get rid of the 
> eyesore and safety hazard ...
> image1.jpg
> image2.jpg
> Thanks,
> Gabe
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