Ticketmaster contact

Mike Lyon mike.lyon at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 13:54:20 UTC 2023

They are always a pain in the ass to reach.

What i ended up doing was spamming any technical and C-level execs i could find on LinkedIN and finally found one that was able to help. That was years ago though so i dont have a contact there anymore.

Wish you luck!


> On Jan 13, 2023, at 05:46, Alex Buie <abuie at cytracom.com> wrote:
> We're an ISP providing residential and business fixed internet
> services, and all of our ranges are blocked from accessing
> ticketmaster with the attached "Pardon the interruption, you are
> superhuman or a bot" message and have been for some time; customer
> complaint velocity has increased especially as of late so it's been a
> priority to try and get this working. We've done extensive checking to
> ensure there is no bot activity or scalping transiting our network, we
> aren't using cgNAT - each IP is a specific customer end installation
> (home/office), and we have rPKI set up.
> Is there anyone from Ticketmaster on list who'd be willing to contact
> me for a conversation to see if we can resolve this for our mutual
> customers? Or could anyone provide me with a decent technical contact
> if they might have one? I would be eternally grateful. I have tried
> "fan support" numerous times, which provided helpful (/s) suggestions
> like "try purchasing tickets over LTE", or "use a different internet
> connection, like at a coffee shop", or "contact your ISP" (myself?
> lol), depending on the day. Also tried their "Global Monitoring
> Support" organization by phone and by email with little success.
> ARIN contacts bounce back as a 550 5.7.133
> RESOLVER.RST.SenderNotAuthenticatedForGroup, looks like o365
> configured to not accept external messages.
> If you've successfully managed to work this out with them, have any
> tips, or recognize what WAF/engine they're using from the page layout
> with UUID at the bottom to help me identify who else I might try
> contacting to see about getting recategorized, I would really
> appreciate hearing from you.
> Thanks a bunch!
> Alex Buie
> Senior Cloud Operations Engineer
> 450 Century Pkwy # 100 Allen, TX 75013
> D: 469-884-0225 | www.cytracom.com

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