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Alex Buie abuie at cytracom.com
Fri Jan 13 11:32:46 UTC 2023


We're an ISP providing residential and business fixed internet
services, and all of our ranges are blocked from accessing
ticketmaster with the attached "Pardon the interruption, you are
superhuman or a bot" message and have been for some time; customer
complaint velocity has increased especially as of late so it's been a
priority to try and get this working. We've done extensive checking to
ensure there is no bot activity or scalping transiting our network, we
aren't using cgNAT - each IP is a specific customer end installation
(home/office), and we have rPKI set up.

Is there anyone from Ticketmaster on list who'd be willing to contact
me for a conversation to see if we can resolve this for our mutual
customers? Or could anyone provide me with a decent technical contact
if they might have one? I would be eternally grateful. I have tried
"fan support" numerous times, which provided helpful (/s) suggestions
like "try purchasing tickets over LTE", or "use a different internet
connection, like at a coffee shop", or "contact your ISP" (myself?
lol), depending on the day. Also tried their "Global Monitoring
Support" organization by phone and by email with little success.

ARIN contacts bounce back as a 550 5.7.133
RESOLVER.RST.SenderNotAuthenticatedForGroup, looks like o365
configured to not accept external messages.

If you've successfully managed to work this out with them, have any
tips, or recognize what WAF/engine they're using from the page layout
with UUID at the bottom to help me identify who else I might try
contacting to see about getting recategorized, I would really
appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks a bunch!

Alex Buie
Senior Cloud Operations Engineer

450 Century Pkwy # 100 Allen, TX 75013
D: 469-884-0225 | www.cytracom.com

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