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SLAs are irrelevant to customer perception, only to bean counters. 

Few to no residential-class services have an SLA whatsoever, yet they'll be the most demanding at any perceived slight. 

Stand by your SLA all you want, but if a customer's expectations (realistic or not) aren't met, they'll not only leave, but they'll tell everyone else how terrible you are. 

>From a sales perspective, if you can demonstrate that a competitor network cannot do something and that you can with tooling a layperson understands and trusts, you've made big progress. 

I've visited friends and employees homes and found that while plugged in, a streaming service could not send a single stream at full resolution without buffering. It would be nice to show numbers (not just a feeling) that the other service could only deliver X megabit, while your service could deliver Y megabit. 

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On Tue, Jan 03, 2023 at 09:31:27AM -0600, Mike Hammett wrote: 
> Is there enough available capacity for {insert whatever the customer is trying to do here}. 
> Can they run 4 YouTubeTV streams or can they run 20? 
> Can they download a file at 5 megabits/s or 15 gigabits/s? 
> There's not a problem to be solved, but information of a variety of types to be gleaned for a variety of purposes. 

Most SLAs only cover on-net services, I recommend having a good 
on-net server for testing purposes and knowing your immediate upstream 
and peer upstreams test points. I do recommend that most carriers have 
an iperf3/iperf2 test point. You may find your carriers have one as 
well, even if it's not listed in their support pages. 

I've found this useful when you suspect some problem, including 
a link hashing problem that only impacts a few flows. 

- jared 

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