FYI - 2FA to be come mandatory for ARIN Online? (was: Fwd: [arin-announce] Consultation on Requiring Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for ARIN Online Accounts

Randy Bush randy at
Mon May 30 18:28:39 UTC 2022

> For a while google authenticator did not let you "export" (copy to
> another device) for "security reasons". Nowadays it does

i think this is probably good for some folk.  though personally i am not
sure i want to consider two devices as endangered.

but as the list gets longer and longer, export as a backup mechanism is
tempting.  though an encrypted blob a la hsm backup would be a much
smaller increase in attack surface than cloning.

as i get more and more entries in the list, i would love it being alpha
sorted.  search requires that i adopt the fantasy that the iphone has a


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