FYI - 2FA to be come mandatory for ARIN Online? (was: Fwd: [arin-announce] Consultation on Requiring Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for ARIN Online Accounts

Robert Kisteleki robert at
Mon May 30 09:59:09 UTC 2022

On 2022-05-30 11:45, tim at wrote:
> On Sunday, 29 May, 2022 06:04, "Owen DeLong via NANOG" <nanog at> said:
>> I use google auth for several forced 2FA sites and a few sites where what I am
>> protecting is worth the hassle. One difficulty that quickly emerges is managing
>> and finding the correct Totp in the long unsorted list.
> In case it's of help, Authy seems a much-improved UI over Google Auth, including searching, and sync between devices, so e.g. your tablet can be your back-up key if your phone dies, is replaced, etc.

For a while google authenticator did not let you "export" (copy to 
another device) for "security reasons". Nowadays it does, not sure since 
exactly when. It also lets you search, so in these regards they are 
probably on par now.


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