Geolocation Data : MAX MIND - Out of Sync

Peter Potvin peter.potvin at
Mon Mar 14 15:53:21 UTC 2022

Hey Paschal,

I've had this same issue previously with some geolocation DBs not
reflecting locations correctly. I managed to fix the issue by maintaining a
public RFC8805 <> geofeed and
submitting it to the various DB providers via email and allowing them to
poll it frequently for any updates. Here are a majority of the emails you
would need to contact with your published geofeed, if you choose to
implement one:

   - support at
   - support at
   - support at
   - correction at
   - ip-data at
   - ipintel at
   - privacy at
   - support at

Feel free to use the following template using the subject of "Geofeed for
<ASN>" which I successfully used to have the above providers update their
databases (with a majority of updates published within a week or so):

> Please use this geofeed for our IPs going forward.
> <Link_to_published_geofeed>
> Thanks.

Hope this information helps accomplish what you need!


On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 6:09 AM Paschal Masha <paschal.masha at>

> Hello,
> Not sure whether anyone out there is also experiencing this, seems MAX
> MIND (
> <>) geo database is
> extremely out of sync with whois records on RIRs DBs.
> It's ok(not 100%) to submit corrections for a few(if not less than few)
> blocks, but getting it all wrong for more that 4 to many blocks- that's a
> big deal..especially when other services( like, whatsmyip), believe you
> more that other DBs
> e.g an AFRNIC allocation, appears in Turkey on MAX MIND,
> while ip2location and other geoDBs correctly displays this.
> IS there anyone- with power- from MAX MIND in this list that can help out?
> Please contact me offlist - sorry for the broadcast to the other members.
> Regards
> Paschal Masha | Engineering
> Skype ID: paschal.masha

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