Geolocation Data : MAX MIND - Out of Sync

Paschal Masha paschal.masha at
Mon Mar 14 10:05:23 UTC 2022


Not sure whether anyone out there is also experiencing this, seems MAX MIND ( [ |  ] ) geo database is extremely out of sync with whois records on RIRs DBs. 

It's ok(not 100%) to submit corrections for a few(if not less than few) blocks, but getting it all wrong for more that 4 to many blocks- that's a big deal..especially when other services( like, whatsmyip), believe you more that other DBs 

e.g an AFRNIC allocation, appears in Turkey on MAX MIND, while ip2location and other geoDBs correctly displays this. 

IS there anyone- with power- from MAX MIND in this list that can help out? Please contact me offlist - sorry for the broadcast to the other members. 

Paschal Masha | Engineering 
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