Starlink terminals deployed in Ukraine

Valdis Kl=?utf-8?Q?=c4=93?=tnieks valdis.kletnieks at
Wed Mar 2 17:32:16 UTC 2022

On Wed, 02 Mar 2022 08:51:05 -0500, Dorn Hetzel said:

> Yeah, if Russia needs one 1st stage booster for every bird they kill, and
> SpaceX needs one 1st stage booster for every 50 they put up....  Yes,
> Russia is bigger than SpaceX, but that's a tremendous ratio.

Plus  the asymmetry is even worse than that....

Elon can use that *same* first stage booster to launch *another* 50
next week, while the Russians need to get a *new* booster for shooting
down the next bird.

That's the *real* game changer in what SpaceX is doing....
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