Texas internet connectivity declining due to blackouts

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Well, my house isn’t on GPC, but I wish it was.  Mine is on a coop.  My office is on the same coop and I’m billed at a higher rate for business.

The bill arrived today.  $391.26 got me 3459kwh.  That is 11.3cents/kwh net for business power from Cobb EMC, who charges a good bit more than GPC (they buy a lot of their power from GPC).  N the past, I’ve had GPC bills from customers’ homes that net to about 7.5 cents/kwh.



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Using the sample bill on the GA power website you linked, I see a bottom line price of $76.17 for 606 kWh delivered to the customer. That is effectively 12.57 cents per kWh.


Utilities (both investor owned and coops) have a multitude of ways of hiding the effective price in a variety of fixed and variable fees not included in the nominal 'energy' fee. These include mandatory fixed connection fees and also fuel cost recovery fees that are tied to consumption.

Exactly. In a message earlier today which is held and presumably lost due to moderation, I shared screenshots of an actual bill of mine here in California.


Long story short, using that bill I show that I paid a grand total of $239.14 for 656.928 KwH of electricity. That makes 36.4 cents per KwH.


In addition to that, I also shared another bill, where I paid $2.63 for the privilige of providing the net with 31.993 KwH of energy. That's right. My solar panels produced more power than I consumed and I still sponsored the crooks at PG&E.


Utility companies are worse than airlines when it comes to hidden fees and surcharges. They know we have no choice.


The only reason I want more solar panels is to give a bigger middle finger to PG&E. Nothing is a better motivator to go green than to see PG&E go bankrupt. It's a sad state of affairs when the disgust for the utility company's deceptive practices somehow outweighs the need to save the planet. Yet here we are.






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