Famous operational issues

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Feb 16 23:41:26 UTC 2021

> On 17 Feb 2021, at 09:51, Sean Donelan <sean at donelan.com> wrote:
> Biggest internet operational SUCCESS
> 1. Secure Shell (SSH) replaced TELNET. Nearly eliminated an entire class of security problems on the Internet.  But then HTTP took over everything, so a good news/bad news.
> 2. Internet worms massively reduced by changed default configurations and default firewalls (Windows XP proved defaults could be changed). Still need to work on DDOS amplification.
> 3. Head of Line blocking in IX switches (although I miss Stephen Stuart saying "I'm Sorry" at every NANOG for a decade). Was a huge problem, which is a non-problem now.
> 4. Classless Inter-Domain Routing and BGP4 changed how Internet routing worked across the entire backbone, and it worked!  Vince Fuller et al rebuilt the aircraft in flight, without crashing.
> 5. Y2K was a huge suggess because a lot of people fixed things ahead time, and almost nothing crashed (other than the National Security Agency's internal systems :-).  I'll be retired before Y2038, so that's someone else's problem.

Lets hope you aren’t depending on a piece of medical equipment with a Y2038 issue to keep you alive.

Y2038 is everybody's problem!

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