Famous operational issues

Sean Donelan sean at donelan.com
Tue Feb 16 22:51:07 UTC 2021

Biggest internet operational SUCCESS

1. Secure Shell (SSH) replaced TELNET. Nearly eliminated an entire class 
of security problems on the Internet.  But then HTTP took over everything, 
so a good news/bad news.

2. Internet worms massively reduced by changed default configurations 
and default firewalls (Windows XP proved defaults could be changed). Still 
need to work on DDOS amplification.

3. Head of Line blocking in IX switches (although I miss Stephen Stuart 
saying "I'm Sorry" at every NANOG for a decade). Was a huge problem, which 
is a non-problem now.

4. Classless Inter-Domain Routing and BGP4 changed how Internet routing 
worked across the entire backbone, and it worked!  Vince Fuller et al 
rebuilt the aircraft in flight, without crashing.

5. Y2K was a huge suggess because a lot of people fixed things ahead time, 
and almost nothing crashed (other than the National Security Agency's 
internal systems :-).  I'll be retired before Y2038, so that's someone 
else's problem.

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