DoD IP Space

Mark Tinka mark at
Sat Feb 13 06:39:45 UTC 2021

On 2/12/21 21:56, scott wrote:

> 100% agreed!  Been whining about that here many times.  I have been 
> trying to get IPv6 going for a long time, but the above stopped my 
> plans.  One thing I mentioned recently, though, is we just got a 
> $BIGCUSTOMER and their requirement was we do IPv6.  So keep your IPv6 
> deployment plans ready.  In my case they said a 'we need it right now' 
> kind of thing.  That could happen to anyone here.

How about just doing it and then asking for forgiveness later :-)?

That's what I did in 2005, but fair point, the network was only 2 
routers big and in just one city :-).


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