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Jared Mauch jared at
Fri Apr 2 12:28:34 UTC 2021

On Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 08:09:24PM +0000, Luke Guillory wrote:
> IX’s don’t really help the source doesn’t use them.
> Akamai traffic.
> 17G via Local Cache
> 17G via Transit
> 8G via IXs.
> Plenty of room on IXs for more on our side.

	Often we can see the ports at the IX flatline in these cases.
I've been working to improve some of them, for exampe at the DetroitIX
we have 300G of capacity and you can see the impact at the IX here:

If you look at the monthly graph you can see other game download events.

It can be incredibly hard to right-size this stuff, please do reach out
to myself or Niels if things didn't work right for your network.  Also
you should reach out to your carriers who may have had congestion to
ensure they are upgrading their networks as well.  I've been told by
some teams they won't upgraded for a day a month of thsi big traffic,
but when one of their customers has issues they immediately escalate to
us to ask us to move (and we try hard to do that).

It's not all throw bandwidth at the problem, but with 100g optics being
so cheap these days, it may be the lower bar

	- jared

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