wow, lots of akamai

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IX’s don’t really help the source doesn’t use them.

Akamai traffic.
17G via Local Cache
17G via Transit
8G via IXs.

Plenty of room on IXs for more on our side.

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There likely is some amount of time between the product being "done" and the activation date. That time could be used (and may very well be for some platforms) to distribute the content ahead of when people need it. If too many points of congestion arise, the above mentioned time would need to be longer.

Of course as an IX operator, I encourage everyone (CDNs and eyeballs) to join IXes and push them bits at maximum speed!  ;-)

As an eyeball ISP, sometimes the congestion is in the home, creating a poor experience, yet no one above them is to blame.

Mike Hammett
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* nanog at<mailto:nanog at> (Jean St-Laurent via NANOG) [Thu 01 Apr 2021, 21:03 CEST]:
>An artificial roll out penalty somehow? Probably not at the ISP
>level, but more at the game level. Well, ISP could also have some
>mechanisms to reduce the impact or even Akamai could force a
>progressive roll out.

It's an online game. You can't play the game with outdated assets.
You'd not see walls where other players would, for example.

What you're suggesting is the ability of ISPs to market Internet access
at a certain speed but not have to deliver it based on conditions they

        -- Niels.

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