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Thu Apr 1 20:56:05 UTC 2021

Yes, but if they're an avid gamer, the console or PC is on all of the time anyway. 

If they're not an avid gamer, they probably don't care when it downloads. 

Also, most people I know leave their PCs on 24/7, save for whatever power saving modes they have. I know many (most?) consoles auto shut off after an amount of time and in some rare (underutilized) instances, the console will wake up for housekeeping such as this. 

I used to want everything instantly. Now as long as whatever game (that I don't really play anymore) or TV show or whatever downloads in the next week, I'm happy. 

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>I'm not sure what kind of time lines are expected or engineered for 
>now, but it *seems* like its a 12 - 36 hour sprint to push the 
>content out. If so, push it out to 36 - 72 hours? Adjust accordingly 
>for however much off I am on the first time frame. 

Doesn't that mostly depend on when people turn on their gaming 
consoles to play? It's not on the publisher to dictate how often 
people want to play their game. 

-- Niels. 

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