Gaming Consoles and IPv4

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Mon Sep 28 21:45:13 UTC 2020

Most games do implement a "minimum latency" where no matter how low your
latency is, you'll always have at least 30ms or so (from what I've seen) to
keep things fair for MOST broadband internet connections.

So no, you cannot bring your laptop into the data center, [proverbially]
plug directly into an IX, and expect to wipe the floor with your
competition; you'll be artificially placed at the same level as someone
with high speed cable service in the surrounding area.


On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 3:17 PM Matthew Petach <mpetach at>

> ...I'm guessing someone didn't read "Harrison Bergeron" in middle school,
> then?
> Crippling everyone down to the lowest common denominator is a wonderful
> recipe for creating a service or platform that *nobody* wants to use.
> If I connect through an AOL dialup account to an FPS gaming platform,
> you really, *really* shouldn't be adding 300ms of latency to everybody
> else on that server, just to be fair to me.
> I mean, sure, it's *fair*--but it also makes the game far less playable
> for everyone else, and they'd be completely right to stop paying for
> the service and move over to a different platform that doesn't hobble
> their game playing any time someone on a slow connection joins
> the game.    ^_^;;
> Matt
> On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 1:30 PM Matt Hoppes <
> mattlists at> wrote:
>> Correct - but with a server based model you can look at the lag to the
>> worst clients and add lag to the other clients so everyone has a level
>> playing field.

Matt Erculiani
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