Gaming Consoles and IPv4

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Mon Sep 28 21:17:13 UTC 2020

...I'm guessing someone didn't read "Harrison Bergeron" in middle school,

Crippling everyone down to the lowest common denominator is a wonderful
recipe for creating a service or platform that *nobody* wants to use.

If I connect through an AOL dialup account to an FPS gaming platform,
you really, *really* shouldn't be adding 300ms of latency to everybody
else on that server, just to be fair to me.

I mean, sure, it's *fair*--but it also makes the game far less playable
for everyone else, and they'd be completely right to stop paying for
the service and move over to a different platform that doesn't hobble
their game playing any time someone on a slow connection joins
the game.    ^_^;;


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> Correct - but with a server based model you can look at the lag to the
> worst clients and add lag to the other clients so everyone has a level
> playing field.

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