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Ben is fairly regular on this list and I can't imagine she did this on

I'm sure she'll see this thread and fix it.     Relax...


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> On 2020-11-20 6:06 p.m., Aaron C. de Bruyn via NANOG wrote:
> > high speed, safe, secure global fiber connectivity
> More importantly, can someone tell me what 'safe global fiber
> connectivity' is?  As opposed to 'unsafe global fiber connectivity'?
> Do these guys have the market cornered on not string fiber optic cable at
> throat-level across roads or something?
> Freaking marketing droids.
> -A
> Other providers don't account for the effects of photonic friction and the
> resulting generation of heat in their fiber lines.  This has resulted in at
> least one documented case of spontaneous combustion resulting in damage to
> fiber lines[1].
> 6x7 controls for photonic friction by utilizing its proprietary SPAM
> (Specified Photonic Agitation Moderation) technology.
> [1]  Uncle Cletus (1993)  Mind control, spontaneous combustion and other
> extraterrestrial phenoma.  *Lecture at Billy-Sue's house.*

Matt Erculiani
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