Spectrum (AS33363) Clue?

Michael K. Spears michael at spears.io
Thu Nov 19 15:47:13 UTC 2020


I'd just be happy to get notifications of their "planned maintenances" 😊... Also that seems high for a 20/2, I pay that for a 600/40 with 5 static IPs. 

Thank you,
Michael K. Spears

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On 11/19/20 10:22 AM, Brian K Miller wrote:
> Good luck getting info out of them, I usually just run my mouth with 
> the local guys when they come out, I get more info that way than in a ticket.

It appears they have fixed some of the issues today, our packets are no longer going across the country to get across the room.  Latency is down to the historical averages, and we're no longer having throughput issues.

I'm a paying business customer (125/mo for 20/2 mbit connection), so I'm going to bitch to high hell when it's impacting my business.

Thanks to everyone who reached out,
Bryan Fields

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