AFRINIC IP Block Thefts -- The Saga Continues

William Herrin bill at
Mon Nov 16 08:00:55 UTC 2020

On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 10:58 PM Elad Cohen <elad at> wrote:
> Anyone that is interested to receive any answer from me, please email me directly, I will say that Ronald Guilmette is intentionally spreading lies, and for the sake of Nanog community I will not reply to him over and over in the same coin, I was gladly interested in the past to share all the information (including AfriNIC legal proceedings) with a person respected by the Nanog community (and I'm still interested to do so today), such as William Herrin, or to anyone else respected by the Nanog community.

Ugh. I don't suppose I can gracefully decline this honor?

>  legacy netblocks that I purchased legally, in what AfriNIC and Ronald Guillmette and Jan Vermeulen are calling "misappropriation". If anyone can explain that to me I will be thankful.
> Ronald Guilmette match one by one to the description of the lawless one in old scriptures:

If AfriNIC says your "purchases" are misappropriation you'll have to
do a lot better than conspiracy theories and phrenology in counter

You could probably have picked a better venue for it too, one whose
participants aren't presently being treated to an exhausting quantity
of whack-job conspiracy theories every time they turn on the news.
You'll find us predisposed to believe the peddler of a conspiracy
theory to be a fool.

Bill Herrin

P.S. Ronald, I know you've been spoken to about ad hominem attacks.
You could have stopped after the first two paragraphs and the link.
Your screed and faux questions about what crooks you thought these
folks to be added exactly nothing to the conversation you hoped to

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