AFRINIC IP Block Thefts -- The Saga Continues

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Mon Nov 16 06:57:24 UTC 2020

That's it, the defamation gone too far, I'm not going to wait until I will win the legal proceedings against AfriNIC, I'm going to start legal proceedings against Ronald Guilmette, Jan Vermeulen (and MyBroadband) now.

Please forgive me, for not doing it before and letting Ronald Guilmette spam Nanog and other mailing lists with his pores of lies, the illegal anonymous community Ops-Trust definitely know how to keep anyone that they would like busy, besides me being out of hospital in the end of last year and needed months for recovery.

Anyone that is interested to receive any answer from me, please email me directly, I will say that Ronald Guilmette is intentionally spreading lies, and for the sake of Nanog community I will not reply to him over and over in the same coin, I was gladly interested in the past to share all the information (including AfriNIC legal proceedings) with a person respected by the Nanog community (and I'm still interested to do so today), such as William Herrin, or to anyone else respected by the Nanog community.

Now, if any Ops-Trust community member ( will want to try to had "proofless credibility" to Ronald Guilmette filthy pores of imagination (like "anyone with half brain will believe Ronald Guilmette" or "Cohen is sitting with impunity in Israel") - go ahead, it doesn't change the fact that you will do it without a single proof and that you are a mob of criminals, accepting new Ops-Trust community members only base on vouching and they share illegal private data secretly in their platform, according to Ops-Trust community private presentations:

And if anyone in Nanog is interested in meaningless things such as: "truth", "facts" and "data":
AfriNIC over a period of years, received more than 44 email notifications to their central email address (hostmaster at , due to the "notify:" attribute value and to the "--list-versions" output) regarding to updates that they themsleves made to legacy netblocks that I purchased legally, in what AfriNIC and Ronald Guillmette and Jan Vermeulen are calling "misappropriation". If anyone can explain that to me I will be thankful.

One more thing I would like to add, Ronald Guilmette is the lawless one according to old scriptures, Ronald Guilmette match one by one to the description of the lawless one in old scriptures:

- Ronald is blond.
- Ronald is bald.
- Ronald's one eye is bigger than the other.
- Ronald's one arm is bigger than the other.
- Ronald have leprosy in his forehead.
- Ronald's right ear is blocked and the left ear is opened. (it is written in old scriptures: that when a person is coming to him to tell good things about people he gives him the blocked right ear, and when a person is coming to him to tell bad things about people he gives him the opened left ear).

Ronald, will you show us a picture and a health report to prove that you are not the lawless one? Let me summarize: you will not do it.

Do you know what are the motives of the lawless one? Deception and lies, like our pore-spilling friend, Ronald here.

Ronald, and an additional personal note to you, you are a very very misery person, that have nothing and no one in your life, besides your pores, and you are defaming me and writing lies only for the attention, to feel "needed", to receive the "likeness" of people that don't have any courage to write defamation lies by themselves and are just using you, go get help and the sooner the better.

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Subject: AFRINIC IP Block Thefts -- The Saga Continues

South African tech journalist Jan Vermeulen has written a new chapter
in this ongoing saga of greed, theft, and skulduggery.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Maikel Uerlings and Elad Cohen registered a bunch of
new domain names as part of their overall scheme to steal AFRINIC legacy
blocks by fiddling the AFRINIC WHOIS records for the contact persons for
each legacy block that they wanted to steal.  The domain names themselves
were deliberately chosen and tailored to try to minimize suspicion
relating to their numerous legacy block thefts.

How exactly these two gentlemen managed to gain the kind of read/write
access to the AFRINIC WHOIS data base which allowed them to fiddle so
many WHOIS records for so many AFRINIC legacy IPv4 blocks is something
that AFRINIC has yet to offer any explanation for, even a full year
after these thefts came to light.

NOTE:  As of the present moment AFRINIC is *still* delegating authority
for reverse DNS for many of the stolen legacy blocks detailed in Jan's
most recent article to name servers that are owned and controled by
Maikel Uerlings and/or Elad Cohen.  In particular, Uerlings and/or Cohen
are still in control of the reverse DNS for all of the stolen legacy
blocks listed in the table below, as well as the reverse DNS for the
very valuable block, worth well over $5 million USD.

There is no reasonable excuse for this ongoing inaction by AFRINIC.  As
things stand, it appears that AFRINIC is still refusing to do even the
minimum amount necessary to stop the profiteering of Uerlings and Cohen,
EVEN THOUGH every additional dollar, every additional sheckel, and every
additional ruble that they earn from these ongoing thefts is being used
to fund Cohen's ongoing lawsuit against AFRINIC.

AFRINIC has known about these legacy block thefts for well over a year
now, and yet in all this time AFRINIC has done absolutely nothing to
remediate the fradulent entries in their WHOIS data base, or to remove
the reverse DNS relegations for the block and the several
stolen blocks listed below.  Reasonable people can and should ask why.

One theory, currently circulating among people I know is that Mr. Uerlings
and/or Mr. Cohen are in possession of some confidential information that
AFRINIC really hopes will never see the light of day, and that AFRINIC
is being blackmailed into inaction.  Whatever the reason, AFRINIC's
continuing inaction is effectively providing funding for Mr. Cohen's
ongoing lawsuit against AFRINIC.  How this makes any sense at all is
something that remains for AFRINIC to explain.

# ORG: (SC) ORG-AISL1-AFRINIC "AECI Information Services (Pty) Ltd"
# ORG: (ZA) ORG-AA79-AFRINIC "Agrihold"
# ORG: (ZA) ORG-ACSL2-AFRINIC "Affiliated Computing Services (Pty) Ltd"
# ORG: (ZA) ORG-FSED1-AFRINIC "Free State Education Department"
# ORG: (ZA) ORG-SCS1-AFRINIC "Safren Computer Services"
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