How to manage Static IPs to customers

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On our network(which isn't docsis, granted) we use PPPoE for all static IP
addresses, because it allows /32 ip address allocations for all home CPE
routers, upstream, the routers handle routing via ospf to change the path
of where that /32 public IP goes. It allows "zero touch" moving of a
customer from one PoP to another.

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> So in most cases I'm aware of, the cable provider did not use RIP directly
> to a customer-managed device.  The cable operator would deploy their own
> managed device, implement RIP and the appropriate keychains between the
> operator-managed premise device and the CMTS.  As for the use cases, RIP
> was
> implemented to address the specific 'recombine' use case where one day (or
> evening) cable customer attachments could be moved from one CMTS to
> another.
> Instrumenting that with DHCP or TR69 usually required other teams'
> involvement and didn't allow portability.
> With IPv6 you get PD which helps immensely.
> Ed
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> That's surprising to me, I have no intentions to do routing with our cable
> subscribers, that seems like a headache for both sides Today we have
> specific ranges within subnets from where we assign IPs to customers, my
> main problem that I'm trying to get around is having to change a customer
> static IP if their node gets splitter and I have to mode them to a
> different
> Thanks,
> Javier Gutierrez Guerra
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> On 5/7/20 5:54 PM, Brandon Jackson via NANOG wrote:
> > I have seen (Charter) and heard quite a few run RIP or some other
> > routing protocol on the CPE.
> Yep, it's RIP.  They don't support IPv6 on this either.  I've been asking
> for
> IPv6 since 2006, it's always next year.
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