alternative to voip gateways

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Innomedia is decent as well, but again it all depends on loop lengths.
Might want to look at more of a carrier system.  Something like a Calix E7, E5 or C7 line.  You could probably pick up a C7 chassis on the used market and fill it up with ADSL or VDSL cards that will push dial-tone at least 2x as far as they will push DSL.  At least in the 10 mile rage.  Although at some point, when you're out past DSL range things like old-school load coils will help with call quality.

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> But this all results in a sh1te load of 48 port gateways (power is not
> a concern), but wondering if there is another solution that is more
> cost effective? Seems the regular NEC's Siemens and so on might have
> an option but I can imagine it will be far more expensive than a bunch
> of individual gateways.

Huawei was already suggested and Nokia ISAM also works very well for 
your application

Majority of the small consumer gateways (including the 48p ones) will 
not work on long loops, they are ment to be used inside a building etc.

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