alternative to voip gateways

Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at
Sun May 3 05:30:52 UTC 2020

Thanks, I know the vega marketing says 7 kilometers, I've used them
before at 4 kilometers with at 4REN,  I agree the grandstreams are
cheap and as someone pointed out not very good for line length, I
planned to get my hands on one and test it at furthest location, the
Versa dslams (which are re badged planet's) are running from a private
reply I got  run up to at least 3.5 miles with speeds averaging 16mpbs
down and 1 up, so cheaper gear sounds ok, and my understanding of the
dslams a child can enable it, its very user friendly and I've used
both types of gateways before and both are easy 3 minute setups.

I dont envision huaweis or nokias being 3 step user friendly :)

On 5/2/20, Tarko Tikan <tarko at> wrote:
> hey,
>> But this all results in a sh1te load of 48 port gateways (power is not
>> a concern), but wondering if there is another solution that is more
>> cost effective? Seems the regular NEC's Siemens and so on might have
>> an option but I can imagine it will be far more expensive than a bunch
>> of individual gateways.
> Huawei was already suggested and Nokia ISAM also works very well for
> your application
> Majority of the small consumer gateways (including the 48p ones) will
> not work on long loops, they are ment to be used inside a building etc.
> --
> tarko

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