A Zero Spam Mail System [Feedback Request]

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Fri Feb 22 19:41:18 UTC 2019

I'm sure some will react to this viscerally but I'd argue that a large
chunk of the spam issue is an operational issue due to factors like:

1. Volume, bandwidth
2. Spammers' address block hijacking and other misuse of resources
3. Revenge (typically DDoS) attacks by spammers
4. General operational, related to #1, but for example how spam
   stresses capex.

No doubt some others.

But when someone says to me spam isn't much of a problem because it's
mostly blocked by local filtering (i.e., they don't see much spam in
their inbox), usually in an attempt to shut down any discussion
entirely, I know I'm hearing from someone who hasn't a clue what
problems it causes operationally.

That's not to argue for opening the floodgates on spam mitigation on

Only that it's not necessarily off-topic depending on the aspect

        -Barry Shein

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