A Zero Spam Mail System [Feedback Request]

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Fri Feb 22 22:29:56 UTC 2019

I don't think there's anything wrong with sounding out some ideas if
they arose from careful thought and sufficient experience and subject

Just saying call us when you've got a unicorn in hand is a brush-off.

But one has to find the right venue for such brainstorming which I
think is the real problem here.

And of course being willing to be shot down and just go back to the
drawing board if one ever really got so far as a "drawing board".

I'll admit this dombox thing has gotten that far even if some were
dissatisfied with the "drawings", clearly a lot of work has gone into
the idea.

But venue might be everything.

A very large list oriented towards operational issues is probably not
the right venue unless one really believes most everyone will see the
brilliance of a solution after reading a short paragraph and perhaps
even want to help or at least become motivated to read further.

And if you don't get that then, well, time for some introspection.

Quite a few of us, myself included, did go and read at least enough of
the long whitepaper to respond with a lot more in specifics than "call
us when you have your unicorn".

        -Barry Shein

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