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~$45k is the US list price... typical discount applies :-) 


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> 45k? No no, the mx204 with enough license to do BGP is more like 20k - 25k or
> less. It is actually quite cheap, so I doubt the OP will find anything much
> cheaper without going used or do a software router.

> I feel it should be mentioned that a Linux box with 4x10G NIC and some random
> switch as port expander also will be able to fulfil the requirements and for a
> fraction of any other solution.

> Regards

> Baldur

> tor. 8. aug. 2019 06.47 skrev Randy Carpenter < [ mailto:rcarpen at |
> rcarpen at ] >:

>> If you don't require redundant routing engines, there is nothing from Juniper
>> that will cost less and have the capacity you require. In fact, there really
>> aren't any cheaper MX options at all, other than the kneecapped MX80 and MX104
>> variants. MX204 is really a nice box. I only wish they had a redundant version.

>> Is price your only concern with the MX204? You might not need the full blown -R
>> or -IR version, so the list price would only be ~$45K.

>> I'm not too familiar with other vendors, so I'll leave that to others.

>> thanks,
>> -Randy

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>>> Greetings,

>>> I am looking for some suggestions on alternatives to mx204.

>>> Any recommendations on something more affordable which can handle full routing
>>> tables from two providers?

>>> Prefer Juniper but happy to look alternatives.
>>> Min 6-8 10G ports are required
>>> 1G support required

>>> Thanks in advance!

>>> Mehmet
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>>> Mehmet
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