Feedback - SBC Vendors.

Daniel Corbe dcorbe at
Thu Aug 9 02:25:08 UTC 2018

at 7:56 PM, Ryan Finnesey <ryan at> wrote:

> I am going to have to install a series of SBCs for a  voice offering  
> connected to Microsoft Teams.  We are going to pass the SIP traffic off  
> to a larger number of SIP providers.  I would like  to get some feedback  
> from the group on SBC vendors.  I have two options for vendors Ribbon or  
> AudioCodes.  I am leaning towards a software based SBC over an appliance.
> Would be helpful to get the other members feedback on Ribbon or  
> AudioCodes deployments within their networks.
> Cheers
> Ryan

I have a few things to add to this because I’ve been through the ringer  
when it comes to SBCs.

1) I didn’t know AudioCodes still made SBCs.   But at one point in time,  
they absorbed NetRake and promised NetRake’s customers that they’d continue  
looking after the product.   A couple of years after that deal was done,  
they discontinued support with only a few months warning.   So given their  
track record, maybe it’s something to avoid.

2) No opinion on Ribbon.   I’ve never worked with their stuff.   If you’re  
looking for suitable market alternatives for feature and pricing  
comparison, check out Genband and Sansay.

3) Avoid Oracle’s SBCs like the plague.   They used to be Acme Packet, the  
industry gold standard.   But under Oracle, they’ve crushed themselves  
under the weight of their own apathy.   I’ve had nothing but support  
nightmares.  I still to this day have a pair of broken 3830s that they  
refuse to take a look at.

4) The notion that software based solutions are better than hardware ones  
is a good notion.   On modern hardware, a dual-core VM can process a few  
thousand simultaneous calls at very healthy and respectable tear-down and  
set-up rates.  And hardware is always going to be more expensive than  


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