Feedback - SBC Vendors.

Aaron Gould aaron1 at
Thu Aug 9 03:07:06 UTC 2018

I work for a Telephone/ISP/CATV/Security company....

We used ACME Packet SBC years ago, then migrated to our MetaSwitch IP phone system with Perimeta SBC

If you would like to talk to the voice engineers that I work with, let me know and I can put you in touch with them.  They work closely with those two products

(Like I said we migrate away from Acme packet years ago, from what I understand it might be an Oracle product now)


> On Aug 8, 2018, at 6:56 PM, Ryan Finnesey <ryan at> wrote:
> I am going to have to install a series of SBCs for a  voice offering connected to Microsoft Teams.  We are going to pass the SIP traffic off to a larger number of SIP providers.  I would like  to get some feedback from the group on SBC vendors.  I have two options for vendors Ribbon or AudioCodes.  I am leaning towards a software based SBC over an appliance. 
> Would be helpful to get the other members feedback on Ribbon or AudioCodes deployments within their networks.
> Cheers
> Ryan

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