Feedback - SBC Vendors.

cyrus ramirez ramirezcyrus at
Thu Aug 9 00:08:31 UTC 2018

Hello:Unfortunately, we use Oracle SBC due to our text requirements.
Cytus Ramirez

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  On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 7:57 PM, Ryan Finnesey<ryan at> wrote:   I am going to have to install a series of SBCs for a  voice offering connected to Microsoft Teams.  We are going to pass the SIP traffic off to a larger number of SIP providers.  I would like  to get some feedback from the group on SBC vendors.  I have two options for vendors Ribbon or AudioCodes.  I am leaning towards a software based SBC over an appliance. 

Would be helpful to get the other members feedback on Ribbon or AudioCodes deployments within their networks.


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