Arista Layer3

Tyler Conrad tyler at
Thu Nov 30 18:45:09 UTC 2017

For Enterprise/DC, it works great. For service provider, they're not 100%
yet. The main issue is going to be around VRFs, as there's no interaction
between them (at least in the code version I'm on, that may have changed
recently or be changing soon). They'll work great as a P-Router, but if you
need a PE with route leaking I'd look at another vendor.

I use a couple pairs of 7280SRs as edge routers/border leaves. Multiple
full table feeds without any issue.

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 10:36 AM, Romeo Czumbil <Romeo.Czumbil at
> wrote:

> So I've been using Arista as layer2 for quite some time, and I'm pretty
> happy with them.
> Kicking the idea around to turn on some Layer3 features but I've been
> hearing some negative feedback.
> The people that I did hear negative feedback don't use Arista themselves.
> (they just heard....)
> So do we have any Arista L3 people out here that can share some negatives
> or positives?
> Use case: Just some MPLS IPv4/IPv6 routing, l2vpn OSPF/BGP
> Maybe 20k routes (no full internet routes)
> 7050 Series
> 7280 Series
> -Romeo

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