SoCal FIOS outage(?) / static IP readdressing

Mel Beckman mel at
Wed Jan 4 04:01:03 UTC 2017

Every time I’ve opened a FIOS ticket, Frontier can never find the ticket later. I even escalated all the way to the president of Frontier. Someone in his office took all my info and discussed the problems at length, and finally gave me something like a $150 credit.

Now I just pray it never goes down, because when it does, Frontier is not competent to solve the problem in anything like a timely fashion.

If a Frontier tech is on this list, I ask you kindly figure out what the blasted deal is with your vanishing ticket numbers. This has been going on for MONTHS!

 -mel beckman

> On Jan 3, 2017, at 6:56 PM, Paul B. Henson <henson at> wrote:
> So I woke up this morning to discover my business FIOS had croaked about
> 3:30 AM :(. Everything looked good on the ONT, but couldn't ping the
> gateway. Poked at it from the other side, and it looked like traceroute
> died a hop or so short of what I remember, so seemed to be a layer 3
> issue on their side. Called support, killed an hour going through the
> level 1 checklist (I suppose I understand why they have to do it, but it
> doesn't make it any less frustrating to have to do the reset/power
> cycle/cable reseat dance when you already know it's not going to change
> a thing). Finally talked her into escalating the issue, and was told
> there was a known outage in my area with reference #37202878, no cause
> provided, and no ETA on resolution. Yay.
> So I opened a chat session a little bit ago to see if I could get an
> update on when my FIOS might come back. Of course the support tech
> wanted to lead me through the dance again <sigh>, but I explained my
> earlier conversation and asked him if he could just update me on the
> outage. He said he had no record of that outage. I talked him into
> escalating the issue again. He said his escalation engineer had never
> heard of that outage or that reference number, and that everything
> seemed fine with my FIOS, and I should just try resetting the ONT again
> 8-/.
> So here I am, still with no FIOS, a general outage that may or may not
> exist, and support techs with different stories :(. The last time I had
> a problem like this my FIOS was down about three days, level 1 and level
> 2 support swore there was nothing wrong with it and had actually
> scheduled a truck roll to replace my ONT, and it turned out to be an
> accidental misconfiguration that took a while to resolve. I'm assuming
> something similar happened again this time, same mysterious layer 3
> breakage in the middle of the night, same claims by layer 1 and layer 2
> support that  there's nothing wrong, same obvious layer 3 functionality
> issues. I'm guessing it will eventually just start working again.
> Hopefully it won't be three days this time. If anybody in Frontier land
> wants to throw a fellow network admin a bone and has any information on
> this potential outage or when my FIOS might come back online I'd really
> appreciate knowing :).
> On another note, I was wondering if anybody has had their static FIOS IP
> addresses migrated from Verizon space to Frontier space yet? Last April
> they said they are going to do it by this April, which only leaves four
> months. So far I haven't heard anything about it regarding my account.
> Thanks…

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