DevOps workflow for networking

Kasper Adel karim.adel at
Thu Aug 10 00:52:26 UTC 2017

We are pretty new to those new-age network orchestrators and automation,

I am curious to ask what everyone is the community is doing? sorry for such
a long and broad question.

What is your workflow? What tools are your teams using? What is working
what is not? What do you really like and what do you need to improve? How
mature do you think your process is? etc etc

Wanted to ask and see what approaches the many different teams here are

We are going to start working from a GitLab based workflow.

Projects are created, issues entered and developed with a gitflow branching

GitLab CI pipelines run package loadings and run tests inside a lab.

Tests are usually python unit tests that are run to do both functional and
service creation, modification and removal tests.

For unit testing we typically use python libraries to open transactions to
do the service modifications (along with functional tests) against physical
lab devices.

For our prod deployment we leverage 'push on green' and gating to push
package changes to prod devices.


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