DevOps workflow for networking

Joe Hamelin joe at
Thu Aug 10 02:16:16 UTC 2017

We've been using this tool since we're a LEAN company, but it actually is a
good way to assign tasks/projects and delegate tasks so everyone can see
what is going on.  Managers can move cards to your active lane or ask why a
task/project has stalled.

I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for but as a team management
tool, this has mostly worked for us for the last 3-4 years.  YMMV.

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On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 5:52 PM, Kasper Adel <karim.adel at> wrote:

> We are pretty new to those new-age network orchestrators and automation,
> I am curious to ask what everyone is the community is doing? sorry for such
> a long and broad question.
> What is your workflow? What tools are your teams using? What is working
> what is not? What do you really like and what do you need to improve? How
> mature do you think your process is? etc etc
> Wanted to ask and see what approaches the many different teams here are
> taking!
> We are going to start working from a GitLab based workflow.
> Projects are created, issues entered and developed with a gitflow branching
> strategy.
> GitLab CI pipelines run package loadings and run tests inside a lab.
> Tests are usually python unit tests that are run to do both functional and
> service creation, modification and removal tests.
> For unit testing we typically use python libraries to open transactions to
> do the service modifications (along with functional tests) against physical
> lab devices.
> For our prod deployment we leverage 'push on green' and gating to push
> package changes to prod devices.
> Thanks

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