Anyone using Arista 7280R as edge router?

Tyler Conrad tyler at
Fri Apr 14 17:25:47 UTC 2017

I've deployed a 7280SR in that role. Needs the FLX model/license, and a
special TCAM optimization command to install all the routes in hardware.
Right now, just pulling a single v4 feed, expanding to a second soon; no v6
yet. Overall, no major issues with it, but Arista seems to be pretty
close-lipped about the secret sauce in Flexroute that lets it scale over 1M.

On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 6:51 AM, David Hubbard <
dhubbard at> wrote:

> Hey all, have some Brocade MLXe’s that can no longer handle a full v4 and
> v6 route table while also having VRF support (dumb CAM profile limitations
> in the software).  Mine don’t do anything fancy; just BGP to a few upstream
> peers and OSPF/OSPFv3 to the inside, management VRF, some ACL’s.  I’m
> looking at the ASR9001 with add-on ports since I need (10) 10gig.  However,
> I’ve also been running some Arista 7280SE’s for the past 18 months with no
> issues, and they want me to consider their 7280R since it would give me
> more ports, in addition to some higher speed ports, which would be nice if
> I ever want to upgrade some of our peering to 40 or 100gig.
> Arista’s specs say the 7500R / 7280R can handle 1M ipv4+ipv6 routes in
> hardware (FIB):
> In theory, it would last at least a few years if the v4 table doesn’t get
> too crazy between now and then.
> Curious if anyone has deployed a 7500R or 7280R in this role and what the
> feedback has been?
> The 9001’s 4M ‘credits’ for the combo of v4 +(2)v6 routes obviously goes
> much further, but I think either one would make it to their expected end of
> life, or if not on the Arista side, I’d probably have spent half as much.
> Thanks,
> David

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