Anyone using Arista 7280R as edge router?

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Fri Apr 14 13:51:13 UTC 2017

Hey all, have some Brocade MLXe’s that can no longer handle a full v4 and v6 route table while also having VRF support (dumb CAM profile limitations in the software).  Mine don’t do anything fancy; just BGP to a few upstream peers and OSPF/OSPFv3 to the inside, management VRF, some ACL’s.  I’m looking at the ASR9001 with add-on ports since I need (10) 10gig.  However, I’ve also been running some Arista 7280SE’s for the past 18 months with no issues, and they want me to consider their 7280R since it would give me more ports, in addition to some higher speed ports, which would be nice if I ever want to upgrade some of our peering to 40 or 100gig.

Arista’s specs say the 7500R / 7280R can handle 1M ipv4+ipv6 routes in hardware (FIB):

In theory, it would last at least a few years if the v4 table doesn’t get too crazy between now and then.

Curious if anyone has deployed a 7500R or 7280R in this role and what the feedback has been?

The 9001’s 4M ‘credits’ for the combo of v4 +(2)v6 routes obviously goes much further, but I think either one would make it to their expected end of life, or if not on the Arista side, I’d probably have spent half as much.



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