CALEA Requirements

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Ignore it until you get the paperwork.  The local law enforcement can not get a warrant for the real time, full data capture.  Only FBI or other national agencies can get those subpeona's.  We went through this with our local police department.  They wanted to make sure we were prepared and wanted a test for the real time number capture on phone calls.  They didn't mention they don't have any equipment on their side to connect the T1.  

Ask your local neighbors.  Some area's have a number of local federal investigations.  If you get the deer in the headlights look from your competition then you may never get one of these.

The full data captures are rare.

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Can someone point me to the current CALEA requirements?


As an ISP, should I be recording all internet traffic that passes my routers?  Or do I only have to record when and if I receive a court order?


I'm not under any court order now, I just want to be sure that I am compliant going forward in my capabilities.




Lorell Hathcock

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