Residential CPE suggestions

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Thu May 8 16:39:01 UTC 2014

I still get email updates on the thread I created in mid 2013. In my experience their forum is a good excuse for not EVER answering the phone. And when I say ever.. I mean.. They don't even take sales calls.

(the issue is still there.. By the way.)

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> TL;DR: Ubiquiti has good, inexpensive equipment but it might not always be ready for production networks or very patient customers. For what you’re looking for though no one else can match that price point.


If you have hardware in-hand and don't mind support via their 'free' forums.  If you can reproduce any issues, they will promptly recreate it and fix it.  You may end up waiting awhile for the software, but even $big_vendor has that issue.

I'm using both the nanobridge/nanobeam hardware as well as edgerouter and unifi and they work quite well.

- Jared

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