Residential CPE suggestions

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at
Thu May 8 16:30:01 UTC 2014

I would love to see the EdgeRouter Lite, or something similar with 2 SFP ports and 2 1000bT ports (Which would fit with the OP's question). Q-in-Q tunneling and basic routing required, but not much else for me. Bonus points points for something like that with redundant power supplies for <$1k

There really does not seem to be anything in that space that is viable and inexpensive.


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> We’ve had two of the ER3s in production. One of which has had no problems to
> date, the other one had several issues just staying online. It would
> randomly drop out from time to time (no ICMP, didn't pass traffic; basically
> a flashing brick). These were both single homed stub networks on older
> firmware so your results may vary. In my past experience the Ubiquiti
> release cycle is:
> Announce Product --> (1 year later) --> Reannounce Product /Start Shipping
> --> (4 months later) --> Claim it's still on the boat and will reach
> distributors soon --> (2 months later) --> Begin shipping from Distribution
> with defunct firmware --> (8 months later and a few firmware updates) -->
> Release a stable firmware version
> TL;DR: Ubiquiti has good, inexpensive equipment but it might not always be
> ready for production networks or very patient customers. For what you’re
> looking for though no one else can match that price point.
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> I wouldn't worry.  A fancy GUI  without intelligent engineering and design
> leveraged is just more rope for everyone to hang themselves with,  esp.
> when something in the GUI inevitably doesn't work quite like it's supposed
> to.
> Network vendor GUIs never work 100% like they are supposed to; there's always
> eventually some bug or another,  or limitation requiring some workaround.
> And  IPv6 is a game-changer.
> > It looks like everyone here should start looking for a new
> > career: "Next-generation user experience allows anyone to quickly
> > become a routing expert."
> > ;-)
> > scott
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> -JH

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