Inevitable death, was Re: Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Mike Lyon mike.lyon at
Tue Jul 15 03:58:27 UTC 2014

So we are splitting hairs with what "peering" means? And I am sure Netflix
(or any other content / network / CDN provider) would be more than happy to
statically route to you? Doubtful.

Dude, put your big boy pants on, get an ASN, get some IP space,  I am a
smaller ISP than you I am sure and I have both. It's not rocket science.
How are other networks suppose to take you seriously if you don't have an


On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 8:51 PM, Brett Glass <nanog at> wrote:

> Netflix's arrangement isn't "peeering." (They call it that, misleadingly,
> as a way of attempting to characterize the connection as one that doesn't
> require money to change hands.)
> ISPs peer to connect their mutual Internet customers. Netflix is not an
> ISP, so it cannot be said to be "peering." It's merely establishing a
> dedicated link to an ISP while trying to avoid paying the ISP for the
> resources used.
> But regardless of the financial arrangements, such a connection doesn't
> require an ASN or BGP. In fact, it doesn't even require a registered IP
> address at either end! A simple Ethernet connection (or a leased line of
> any kind, in fact; it could just as well be a virtual circuit) and a static
> route would work just fine.
> --Brett Glass
> At 09:35 PM 7/14/2014, Mike Lyon wrote:
>  So if Netflix was at 1850 Pearl, you wouldn't be able to peer with them
>> anyways cuz u have no ASN?

Mike Lyon
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