Inevitable death, was Re: Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Brett Glass nanog at
Tue Jul 15 03:51:49 UTC 2014

Netflix's arrangement isn't "peeering." (They call it that, 
misleadingly, as a way of attempting to characterize the connection 
as one that doesn't require money to change hands.)

ISPs peer to connect their mutual Internet customers. Netflix is 
not an ISP, so it cannot be said to be "peering." It's merely 
establishing a dedicated link to an ISP while trying to avoid 
paying the ISP for the resources used.

But regardless of the financial arrangements, such a connection 
doesn't require an ASN or BGP. In fact, it doesn't even require a 
registered IP address at either end! A simple Ethernet connection 
(or a leased line of any kind, in fact; it could just as well be a 
virtual circuit) and a static route would work just fine.

--Brett Glass

At 09:35 PM 7/14/2014, Mike Lyon wrote:

>So if Netflix was at 1850 Pearl, you wouldn't be able to peer with 
>them anyways cuz u have no ASN?

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