Internet Routing Registries - RADb, etc

Nick Hilliard nick at
Wed Jan 15 21:30:58 UTC 2014

On 15/01/2014 21:22, Blake Hudson wrote:
> I have emailed Level3 about the incorrect entries in their IRR with no
> response. I have also emailed Cogent about their incorrect entry in RADb,
> also with no response.
> Should I be concerned about these entries? Do these entries give someone
> the ability to announce our IP space? How is the information in these
> databases checked for accuracy and why did RADb and Level3 put these
> entries in their database when the posting party was not authorized to
> announce this space? And finally, what can be done to correct or remove
> these entries (as a non-customer of either RADb or Level3)?

It depends.  Most organisations do not use IRRDBs for compiling prefix
lists, but some do.  If you happen to get service from one of these
organisations, it's better to ensure that the prefixes are correctly
registered.  Lots of European IXPs use IRRDBs for route-server prefix
filter lists, but this may not be relevant to you.

Level3 fills their IRRDB up with piles of crap.  Good luck getting them to
remove anything.

RADB is well run, and if Cogent can't get their act together enough to
remove the entries from there, you can email Merit directly
(radb-support at and they can delete stuff, assuming that source:
is RADB and you can prove that you legitimately hold the address space.


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