Internet Routing Registries - RADb, etc

Blake Hudson blake at
Wed Jan 15 21:22:10 UTC 2014

Can someone provide a little guidance on RADb (and other IRRs)?

Our organization is not a customer of any IRRs, but our ARIN IP 
allocation is registered in RADb and Level3's IRR. The majority of these 
entries are incorrect and list other AS#'s (AS's that have never been 
authorized to announce this IP space) as the originating AS for our ARIN 
IP allocation.

I have emailed Level3 about the incorrect entries in their IRR with no 
response. I have also emailed Cogent about their incorrect entry in 
RADb, also with no response.

Should I be concerned about these entries? Do these entries give someone 
the ability to announce our IP space? How is the information in these 
databases checked for accuracy and why did RADb and Level3 put these 
entries in their database when the posting party was not authorized to 
announce this space? And finally, what can be done to correct or remove 
these entries (as a non-customer of either RADb or Level3)?

Thanks in advance,

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