Verizon FIOS IPv6?

Christopher Morrow morrowc.lists at
Fri Feb 28 02:57:15 UTC 2014

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 9:48 PM, Stephen Frost <sfrost at> wrote:
> * Christopher Morrow (morrowc.lists at wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 9:18 PM, Stephen Frost <sfrost at> wrote:
>> > There's a lot of people anxious to get IPv6 on FIOS, but there seems to
>> > be precious little movement over there.
>> it really is just an embarrassment :(
> Oh, I agree, and the old UUNET folks (whose side of that house has had
> this done for, uh, forever...) should really take ownership and scream
> bloody murder at the FIOS people to either get their $h1t together or
> get out of the way.

most of them did this, like 5+ yrs ago :(
when they stopped being listened to, they left. (most of them)

>> perhaps shame will work to motivate them instead?
> It hasn't worked thus far, though I admit, I've been tempted more than
> once to call them and threaten that I'm going to switch to Comcast, if
> it wasn't such a laughable idea. :/
>         Thanks,
>                 Stephen

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