Verizon FIOS IPv6?

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> >> > There's a lot of people anxious to get IPv6 on FIOS, but there
> >> > seems to be precious little movement over there.
> >>
> >> it really is just an embarrassment :(
> >
> > Oh, I agree, and the old UUNET folks (whose side of that house has had
> > this done for, uh, forever...) should really take ownership and scream
> > bloody murder at the FIOS people to either get their $h1t together
> > or get out of the way.
> most of them did this, like 5+ yrs ago :(
> when they stopped being listened to, they left. (most of them)

> >> perhaps shame will work to motivate them instead?
> >
> > It hasn't worked thus far, though I admit, I've been tempted more than
> > once to call them and threaten that I'm going to switch to Comcast, if
> > it wasn't such a laughable idea. :/

Well, for the record, I don't expect anything at all out of Vzn, since 
they got it made illegal for munis to own fiber in all or part of 19
states, at least in large part on the basis of promises that they wouldn't
cherry pick in their FiOS rollouts... and then went and did just that;
it's public record they did their last deployment in 2010, and they have
no plans to do any more.

Unless, of couse, some muni or Google moves into somewhere to roll out;
*then* they'll be right there on your doorstep applying for trenching

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