iOS 7 update traffic

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Thu Sep 19 19:18:29 UTC 2013

How about add a cache in your time capsule/thing that everyone connects to?

I mean, would it be THAT hard to enable a bonjour update server on an
apple router/computer/whatever and serve things up locally from there?
I've had many replies to this email already, and people are talking about
upgrading bandwidth and CDN's.

We own and operate a satellite data network. It is narrow band.. It is
very expensive. Oversub matters.. Time slots matter. When we (industry,
collectively) have to deal with hundreds of gigs worth of traffic it's a
tough day.

I just can't understand why these big boys have forgotten most of the
planet doesn't have a 1000000gbps pipe anywhere near them, a lot of the
earth actually doesn't have communications infrastructure at all. The
quick "WE HAVE ENOUGH INTERNETS NOW" doesn't apply to every system, nor
does it explain why an update needs to be sent relentlessly to individual
devices (requested or not) over the course of a product's evolution.
Things are not created equal amongst internet providers, a transponder
(90mbps ish) runs us close to 160k a month and that's not including gear
costs, teleport, etc.

We strive to provide a great customer experience, and when "Hardware Maker
X" decides to roll updates .. It can screw us. In this case, can means
absolutely will happen.

My .02. Not trying to start a flame thing or tell people what's what..
Just trying to get a point across. You don't need to send things
individually now.. We live in the future.. We should act like it.

On 9/19/13 12:10 PM, "Fred Reimer" <freimer at> wrote:

>O.K., I understand.  Yes, for the average user I suppose they would blame
>their ISP.  I was making the wrong assumption that people understood how
>the Internet works.  At the same time, people would probably be more
>upset, at least the Apple fanboys, if they metered the updates and some
>people had to wait two or three weeks for their update to keep the traffic
>manageable.  The only general news stories I see in a quick search are
>complaints that the downloads are slow, not that the general Internet is
>slow because of the downloadsŠ
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>>My.. Our..  Users expect one thing..
>>It is our job to make that happen. When a electronics manufacturer
>>decides to enable updates for all of their phones world wide.. It breaks
>>When the Internet breaks, it is my fault. Your Apple update sucked
>>because of me.. There is no "it must be apple", as you pointed out
>>earlier. I'm simply saying.. It's a dick move to globally enable updates
>>on a single day and tell ISP's to deal with it.
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>>Why should Apple care if providers have oversubscribed lines or not?  As
>>far as I know, Akamai delivers most of the data anyway, so it is not
>>coming all from Apple.  I don't know for sure, but I doubt they have
>>enough bandwidth themselves to saturate so many links concurrently.
>>also does not push the updates, it is pulled to the device when the users
>>tell the device to retrieve it.  So blame your users, not Apple.  It is
>>also my understanding that any updates they do push are staged so they
>>don't go out the same time.
>>On 9/19/13 2:11 PM, "Warren Bailey"
>><wbailey at> wrote:
>>>I don't see how operators could tolerate this, honestly. I can't think
>>>a single provider who does not oversubscribe their access platform...
>>>Which leads me to this question :
>>>Why does apple feel it is okay to send every mobile device an update on
>>>single day?
>>>Never mind the fact that we are we ones on the last mile responsible for
>>>getting it to their customers, 1gb per sub is pretty serious.. Why are
>>>they not caching at their head ends, dslams, etc?
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>>>Subject: Re: iOS 7 update traffic
>>>On Thu, 19 Sep 2013, Paul Ferguson wrote:
>>>> Can someone please explain to a non-Apple person what the hell
>>>> that started generating so much traffic? Perhaps I missed it in this
>>>> thread, but I would be curious to know what iOS 7 implemented that
>>>> caused this...
>>>The IOS7 upgrade is ~750 megabyte download for the phones/pods, and ~950
>>>megabytes for ipad. There are quite a few devices out there times these
>>>amounts to download...
>>>Mikael Abrahamsson    email: swmike at

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