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On Thu, 19 Sep 2013 19:18:29 -0000, Warren Bailey said:

Reversing a few paragraphs to make a point.

> We strive to provide a great customer experience, and when "Hardware Maker
> X" decides to roll updates .. It can screw us. In this case, can means
> absolutely will happen.

> I mean, would it be THAT hard to enable a bonjour update server on an
> apple router/computer/whatever and serve things up locally from there?
> I've had many replies to this email already, and people are talking about
> upgrading bandwidth and CDN's

So why didn't you?

> Things are not created equal amongst internet providers, a transponder
> (90mbps ish) runs us close to 160k a month and that's not including gear
> costs, teleport, etc.

And you pay Apple *how* much to guarantee that they don't do things that
upset the business model you consciously chose to use?  Oh, you don't
pay them?  And your users pay *you* to ensure that when they hit 'Download',
that magical things happen?  And iOS downloads are user pulls, not Apple

Sounds to me like you and your users need to have a chat about what they
pay for and what their expectations should be.....

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